How to build a strong SAP ABAP CV


If you work or want to work as SAP freelancer consultant you will need to work with SAP Recruiters and SAP Agencies. This special breed is who will find you a good project and client. Lets be serious – if you are a SAP freelancer you are not a sales guy!

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SAP Recruiters are sales people who call hundreds of clients each week and can find projects for you. They will do the hard job of finding client needs. Or do you have time to call SAP Managers or investigate who is the decision maker in a big customer? Forget it!

SAP Recruitment consultants know the market, talk with hundreds of people (consultants, managers, directors,…) and know where the projects are, who pays more and who is the decision maker.


Today we give you 10 Tips and Tricks on how to work with Recruiters and take the most of their job:

1. Always keep SAP Recruiters updated about you availability and contacts
They will contact you when you are becoming available and will have the correct mobile phone and e-mail to contact. If you have a good profile they will pro-actively search for a project for you

2. Give them your daily rate higher than you can accept
Even if they work on a margin (10-20%) of your rate it is known the lower your rate the more chances they have to close the contract. Give them a slight higher rate so you can negotiate it down if needed. But be flexible and talk to them.

3. Reply to their e-mails with your CV and availability
Recruiters hate when you only reply “I am not available. John”. They will always reply and ask you when will you be available and where you are working

4. Tell them where you are working
This will also give you credibility on the market. If the client ask you not to give that information don’t do it.

5. If your client is looking for a SAP consultant let them know but…
Recruiters are always looking for new opportunities. You can take advantage. Give them that information but ask them a referral fee or a percentage of their deal (if they close it). They are sales and will take your offer

6. Be nice
Even if you receive 5 calls a day be nice to them. They are only doing their job. If you are arrogant or not nice they won’t call you again and will prefer another consultant

7. Don’t say you don’t give references
If you don’t give references of your work they won’t hire you. Be careful though and only give references (your Project Manager name) if they book you the interview and if they tell you in advance who is the client

8. Don’t try to full them
Many SAP Freelancers want to hearn more more and think they will get it if they work directly with clients. Don’t try to trick Recruiters and contact their clients directly. This will give you bad reputation. And after all, agencies should pay quicker!

9. Work as a team
Find 1 or 2 good recruiters and work together with them. Tell them who is looking for consultants (if you know), give them new contacts (freelancers and clients) and ask them to call you firts and to give you good rates.

10. Always ask a job description
Sometimes SAP Recruiters call you with fake jobs only to get some information about you. Never send your CV if they don’t have a job description. Even if the job is not fake if they don’t know the project they won’t control the client to close the contract fast enough.